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CBTiger Documentation : 4 Configuration

I- Configuration access:

Click on Configuration link in the left menu or on the Configuration shortcut in the Control Panel of CBTiger

CBTiger Configuration access

II- Configuration data:

Cbtiger Configuration

1- Enter your CRM information:

a- CRM URL installation
b- CRM Username
c- Access Key
d- Click on "Check the CRM Information before saving" button

2- Choose your CB Events and CRM Operations:

# CB Events CRM Operations
1 When the user is registered - Do no thing
- Create
- Lead
- Contact/Account
2 When the user registration is confirmed - Do no thing
- Create
- Convert lead to Contact
3 When the user registration is approved - Do no thing
- Create
- Convert lead to Contact
4 When the user profile is updated - Do no thing
- Update
5 When the user is deleted - Do no thing
- Delete

- Important:
a- Your CB configuration should be in accordance with your CBTiger configuration (CB Events setting)

3- General:
a- Logs: Enable/Disable logs.
b- Assistance: Enable/Disable Assistance.
c- Enable/Disable CBTiger latest versions announcements.

4- Save/Cancel: