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Capture data into SugarCRM custom leads fields

SugaryCB allows you to quickly and easily capture information from CB registration form to SugarCRM Leads
In this tutorial we will see how to capture information into SugarCRM leads custom fields
In Control Panel click the button “Synchronize Sugar Fields” or in the menu go to Components->SugaryCB-> Synchronize Sugar Fields

You will access to SugarCRM fields list witch contain by default predefined leads fields, to synchronize this list with your SugarCRM leads fields (predefined and custom fields) click on “Synchronize” button in the tool bar

You obtain a list of fields leads containing predefined fields and custom fields as defined in your SugarCRM installation

After synchronization, you can associate SugarCRM leads fields with CB fields.
Go to Components -> SugaryCB -> Fields Association or in SugaryCB Control Panel click on Fields Association button.

In CB Extra Fields list click on Associate icon

In popup window select which SugarCRM custom fields you want to associate with Extra CB fields

In this example we have associate “My CB Field” to SugarCRM custom field “myfields” and “My CB Field2” to myfield2

Now we going to see how to capture information into SugarCRM custom fields when user is registered.
In frontend click on Register link

Fill the registration form and click on the button "Register"

When registration complete you will have the following message

After registration let’s see what happens in SugarCRM

Click on the lead name’s to see the detail

Important Note
When you associate SugarCRM Leads fields with CB Fields, please pay attention to the type of fields.

You should choose a compatible combination of fields types.